Chi Running has helped numerous people worldwide to run more efficiently. As a result, they now run faster, with lots more fun and fewer injuries.

fiona-mclellan-chi-runningChi Running was developed by Danny Dreyer, a US ultrarunner and tai chi enthusiast. He realised that the principles of efficient movement underlying this ancient Chinese martial art could be successfully applied to running.

The basis of Chi Running:

  • A strong core combined with relaxed arms and legs
  • Utilisation of external forces, such as gravity

For details on how to apply these principles to your running, I recommend that you:

  • Visit Danny Dreyer’s website –
  • Read his book “Chi Running: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-free Running” and/or attend a course.
  • You can also order a Chi Running DVD from the Chi Running website.

contact-fiona-chi-runningFor more information about how Chi running can help you contact Fiona here.